Last Lie

30 Mar , 2015  

In my new workstation this year, I have an advantage of having a thorough view of the floor. This accessibility has provided me with some very insightful interactions. On their last working day when colleagues come to bid their farewell, I tend to ask them “so where are you heading to next?” To which I […]

Out of The Blue

Corporate Spies

23 Mar , 2015  

Would you relate to the word “corporate spying?” During lunches and especially at after office gatherings, we discuss this without using that term. Ever wondered how your boss gets the information about what happens on the ground from a remote distance? Accept it or deny it, corporate spying is as close to our minds as […]


Pet Hate!

17 Mar , 2015  

“When are you going back, Granny?” my youngest daughter asked my Mom as soon as she arrived for a stay with us. “Never!” my Mom retorted, still reeling from shock over the question as she was yet to put her bags down. “OMG!” my little girl said in disbelief as she quickly took off for […]



9 Mar , 2015  

The 1st time I took a flight on an A380 it was exciting due to the huge publicity it received for being a double decker flight and whatever else that came with it. As soon as I boarded the flight, I had double whammy disappointments – I wasn’t booked a window seat (my preference while […]


The Right Expression!

3 Mar , 2015  

One of my colleagues called me soon after her resignation was made public throughout the organization. “Kamal,” she said, “I heard you were unhappy over with my decision to leave the company. “Wouldn’t it be odd if I were to say that I was happy you were leaving?” I asked. Not surprisingly, she laughed out […]