You shouldn’t be taking reviews that seriously!

30 Jun , 2015  

Our current financial performance were not looking pretty which made for a rather difficult review session with my direct reports. When we regrouped for dinner later that evening, I could sense a thick air of gloom at the table. The Head of Sales was far more disturbed than the others; he took me aside and […]


Why The Competition Wants To Hire U!

23 Jun , 2015  

It all begun with the Colas and is currently trending hotly in the E-commerce sector – yes, I’m talking about hiring talent from the competition. One thing is for sure – this is a trend that will never “go out of style”. Hiring from the competition especially for salespeople will always seem like a no-brainer […]

Out of The Blue

YOUR Accessories speak when Work can’t!

16 Jun , 2015  

They say performance is everything and work is what makes you look good. While I’m able to relate to this philosophically, some of my experiences tell another story. Doesn’t style and what we wear also count in many situations including influencing colleagues, impressing customers, and getting noticed by the boss? Perhaps…but can this sort of […]


Why increments are never enough!

9 Jun , 2015  

Is it possible for organizations to give us the kind of increments you and I would love to receive?  Ironically, it always seems that others seem to get it?  Or is that we tend to play “victim” by believing that everyone else (except us!) gets the better deal all the time when it comes to […]


The Right Day to Quit!

2 Jun , 2015  

I resigned from my last 3 employers on November 22, May 15 & July 24 respectively. If you’re looking for a pattern to those days, don’t bother as there isn’t one. Yet, I have a feeling my next resignation date could be on the 1st day of any fateful month because that seems to be […]