The “AGE-OLD” Dilemma!

25 Aug , 2015  

 “I choose not to invest if the founders are older than my threshold age,” an investor commented to me recently when I asked about his financing philosophy on start-ups. On another occasion, the CEO of a start-up told me that he is adamant on hiring a HR Head who is younger than him; and mind […]


Mission Impossible at Work

11 Aug , 2015  

“Sirs, I can neither confirm nor deny a response to any of your questions till I have an approval from the Secretary” said one of the key characters in Mission Impossible 5 (mi5). I thought that remark would have been a perfect comeback from me to one of my DRs when she asked if the targets/budgets we […]


Which Do You Prefer: Emotional or Transactional Relationships At Work?

4 Aug , 2015  

“How’s the family doing?” asked my Boss? “Doing fine” I replied. We were meeting after a couple of months and it was his customary question which got my regular answer. He quickly moved on to business and we got busy with our strategy and execution side of work. I don’t think my boss ever knew […]