Sarcasm is my middle name

23 Feb , 2016  

What is your favorite topic of discussion at work? I am sure one of them, if not the most talked about, must be your boss. We observe and comment on everything our bosses do.  What they wear, how they speak and their personality, whom they talk to frequently, who their favorite people are and whom […]


Can every year of your career be successful?

18 Feb , 2016  

How was 2015?”  asked one of my customers. “Very good for me and for my organisation” I said.  Rightfully so, as 2015 was one of my most fulfilling years. If you were asked the same question, what would you say? How would you measure/evaluate/define the year gone by for yourself?  Let me go further by […]


Why Appraisals fail to impress me!

1 Feb , 2016  

It’s that time of the year when we and our bosses remember each other. Not that bosses ever go out of fashion/season.  Our employers force us to get together for a particular ‘activity’ called Appraisals. As much as we meet our bosses for a variety of reasons throughout the year, some conversations are not to […]