The Case of the Vanishing Co Worker

29 Nov , 2016  

Where to?” I asked my boss. “Meeting,” he replied, short and curt and promptly left the office. A few of my colleagues (who had gone to the extent of eavesdropping on the conversation) broke into a ruckus as they were the ones who tasked me with the question in the first place– fully aware of […]

Recruitment Industry

Would you hire people who are on Skaters?

27 Nov , 2016  

For most part of my career while hiring I had this bias that people who had stable tenures had a positive tick against their name. It was maybe influenced by my own career or the kind of organisations I worked for where people had long tenures. I still stumble every time I interview somebody who […]


Join us… We just SACKED the person before you!

22 Nov , 2016  

If that was aimed at me, my immediate answer would be, “of course!”. Did I hear you say, “it depends?” Well, on second thoughts, I may not disagree with you. However, as unnerving as it might be to step into the shoes of a failed predecessor, there are talent who are courageous enough to take up the challenge especially […]