Out of The Blue

Employers Ranking : Great Places to Work! Really?

28 Sep , 2017  

Best Employers to Work For

Rating best employers is a tricky affair –  are we getting the parameters right or getting too swayed by frills?  I am sure many of you love your organisation. If that’s an exaggeration then let’s say some of us do. At least on the days of salary, bonus, promotions and other self-gain days! But certainly, […]


Compliment ? When somebody calls you a pretty face?

14 Sep , 2017  

“You look very pretty Rita” exclaimed our prospective customer. Embarrassed by his compliment I hurriedly looked at my colleague. Rita grinned at me and told him, “My husband was the first to compliment on this today”. The guy almost froze to the spontaneous reaction. The stunned customer never said a thing till we walked off […]