Succession- The Dynamics of Dynasties

23 Nov , 2017  

Dynamics of Dynasties and Succession

The long-term legacies of people, businesses, political parties, sports teams and media houses are defined by who succeeds next. But this process of succession has different complexities. Viewed from the outside, it appears that often emotion dictates decisions than any logic. Let’s look at how succession is playing out in Zimbabwe. Also examine the Congress […]


Bosses! Can we put an end to blackmailing them?

7 Nov , 2017  

Blackmailing our Bosses

Oh! You have never done that? think carefully for 2 more minutes, allow some flashback of your conversations with bosses to refresh you. Even now if you are pleading innocent, I will take you through your memory lane in detail. If the following is true, then I contend that you have blackmailed your boss one […]