Becoming a Leader for Life

Becoming a Leader for Life

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Becoming a Leader for Life

Ego dispeller” – that’s how I’m going to be describing ‘Becoming a Leader For Life’ as the gist of it is that leadership is not merely a title on a business card. Successful leaders hold on to the belief that leadership is a living process and no matter how high we scale the professional ladder, we are always on a learning curve; and rightfully so.

Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller clearly determines the content of the book in their introduction, “the path to increased influence, impact, and leadership effectiveness is paved with personal growth….our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead. It’s really that simple.”

‘Becoming a Leader For Life’ remains actively effective in my life – both on personal and professional platforms. I now know that for me to remain relevant in the lives of my family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues, I would need to constantly keep myself in check with a couple of non-negotiable questions:

“Will I always be ready to face the next challenge?
“Will I consciously stop applying yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems?”
Life, they say, is a lifelong learning process and this book messages “growth” very well and you are only too ready to use the learning from it across all aspects of your life.

Sometimes conceptual books can be boring if not told well. This book is NOT. I encourage you to go pick one for yourself.