Staying Successful AFTER Success

15 Feb , 2018  

You may knock a few sixes out of the park early in your career, but that start may not guarantee a successful innings  Cricket’s thinking batsman Rahul Dravid recently came up with a brilliant insight on India’s Under-19 World Cup win in 2012 and career progression. He pointed out that six or seven members of the […]


Are you CXO-ready? Run your Quick Checks!

18 Jan , 2018  

Who doesn’t want to become a VP, CFO or CEO nowadays? Nobody really wants to stay at the bottom of the pyramid or work at the mid-level. While some of you may not aspire to be a CXO, the first few days at work will make it clear who the real heroes are. Despite the […]


Succession- The Dynamics of Dynasties

23 Nov , 2017  

Dynamics of Dynasties and Succession

The long-term legacies of people, businesses, political parties, sports teams and media houses are defined by who succeeds next. But this process of succession has different complexities. Viewed from the outside, it appears that often emotion dictates decisions than any logic. Let’s look at how succession is playing out in Zimbabwe. Also examine the Congress […]


Sexual Harassment #MeToo Campaign for Corporate

26 Oct , 2017  

Why are corporates not naming and shaming managers who make sexual advances towards their colleagues? Hollywood recently exploded with revelations on sexual predation. The likes of which have never been seen before. Looks like the ill-kept secret of tinsel town got to a precipitative point to burst into a #metoo campaign. Sexual Harassment is about […]


Leaving us? Let me make it harder for you!

31 Aug , 2017  

The decision to leave an organisation is hard enough for any employee, so why do employers harass the person leaving?  When I resigned from one of the companies I worked with, the acceptance letter, service letter, relieving letter and final cheque came in three tranches. The first two pointed out that for the next one […]


When Firing becomes a necessary Evil!

19 Aug , 2017  

With the growth in workforce and high demand for talent we introduced Talent Acquisition as a specialization in HR. With increased volatility and economic fluctuations, do organisations need to have specialized teams for Talent Separation?  More than that I am debating if Firing is a necessary skill to be developed? “I don’t know what to […]