The Insider-Outsider Mentality to Finding Your Best CEO

19 Jan , 2017  

Ever thought why many large organisations go for external CEOs despite claiming that they have built capable leaders to succeed from within, or if you flip it the other way why some of them desist to go for external leaders and opt to promote internally? Or why Founders refuse to let go the reins despite […]


The Day I Was Forced To Become An Entrepreneur

11 Jan , 2017  

So, why am I taking the entrepreneurial route soon after quitting my last salaried employment when there wasn’t a eureka moment nor was I planning to pursue entrepreneurship prior to this. My career, akin to some of yours, was a series of accidents; a couple of them fortunate and the other two, not so much. […]


Dear CV, how good was I last year?

27 Dec , 2016  

What’s on your mind as you head towards another year-end: your year-end holiday destination or that New Year resolution you tell yourself you won’t break, again? As for me, I’ll writing out my CV and I’d urge you to do the same. I’m not suggesting that you change jobs, but rather to reflect on what […]


The Case of the Vanishing Co Worker

29 Nov , 2016  

Where to?” I asked my boss. “Meeting,” he replied, short and curt and promptly left the office. A few of my colleagues (who had gone to the extent of eavesdropping on the conversation) broke into a ruckus as they were the ones who tasked me with the question in the first place– fully aware of […]


Join us… We just SACKED the person before you!

22 Nov , 2016  

If that was aimed at me, my immediate answer would be, “of course!”. Did I hear you say, “it depends?” Well, on second thoughts, I may not disagree with you. However, as unnerving as it might be to step into the shoes of a failed predecessor, there are talent who are courageous enough to take up the challenge especially […]


Reporting To A Peer? I Rather Resign!

5 Oct , 2016  

I know the title is a giveaway, but I will still try 🙂 When was the last time you sulked at work? Sad increment, overlooked for promotion, favorite boss leaving, pet hate getting a dream job with a competitor? But I am sure the one that always makes you feel the word “Sulk” is when […]