Join us… We just SACKED the person before you!

22 Nov , 2016  

If that was aimed at me, my immediate answer would be, “of course!”. Did I hear you say, “it depends?” Well, on second thoughts, I may not disagree with you. However, as unnerving as it might be to step into the shoes of a failed predecessor, there are talent who are courageous enough to take up the challenge especially […]


Reporting To A Peer? I Rather Resign!

5 Oct , 2016  

I know the title is a giveaway, but I will still try 🙂 When was the last time you sulked at work? Sad increment, overlooked for promotion, favorite boss leaving, pet hate getting a dream job with a competitor? But I am sure the one that always makes you feel the word “Sulk” is when […]


Should leaders be allowed to serve notice?

30 Aug , 2016  

On a Friday morning I received a cryptic email from my Vice President’s Executive Assistant. It said that our super boss had resigned in the morning and it was also his last day at work. As this person was instrumental in hiring me, I worriedly called one of my friends who is also my confidant. He […]


Is Learning and Development HR’s Job?

7 Jul , 2016  

We all know we don’t belong here 🙂 I mean to the work station and the role that we are currently attached to. If you feel belonged to the organization and the role you are in then read no further. All of us are ambitious professionals, preparing for the next big role in our careers […]


The imperfections of Acquistions

15 Jun , 2016  

I was close to tears when I first learnt about the acquisition by Microsoft of LinkedIn despite the fact that I am a paid user for both Microsoft and LinkedIn and like them for different reasons. Did I also contribute to LinkedIn’s valuation by extensive usage in the last 7 years? Perhaps yes! But that […]


Believe me, job hopping is good!

8 Jun , 2016  

When you meet people who have had a long tenure with their current employer and maybe their only employer so far what would be your first reaction? For me long tenure means in excess of 10 years’. Would the following be some of your expressions? Wow! Your employer is lucky! That’s some commitment man! I […]