19 Feb , 2015  

10 months into the job, one of my peers got promoted. I was shocked as to how a 22 year old guy out of college can be a manager so fast. Of course he was not my friend during our training period which further aggravated my misery. So next 8 months I waited , working […]


Harvest your Career! Dont be in a rush

15 Jan , 2015  

I met a familiar face as a prospective customer recently. The meeting was special as this was someone I knew from 20 years back. We were competitors those days. Today he is the MD of a fortune 500 Pharma Company which clocks 1000 Crore turnover in India. I would call it a classic case of […]


I just updated my CV

8 Jan , 2015  

Now don’t raise your eyebrows! I had a fabulous year which included a stretch assignment overseas that gave me valuable insights; my team accomplished the goals we were set out to achieve in 2014; and these with a cherry on the icing of having been offered with another interesting role within the company – all […]



25 Dec , 2014  

I’m proud to say that I was the perfect poster boy for myself on how I switched between my work & family. Trust me, Having made deliberate choices about which opportunities I wanted to pursue and which to decline, I successfully engaged meaningfully with work, family and leisure. But alas, over the last 9 months […]


The Fuzzy State!

1 Dec , 2014  

It felt like a long day in office and to make matters worse it was exactly like it’s commonly said, “time goes by so slowly for those who wait!” And finally when I glanced at my watch for the umpteenth time, it was 6 o’clock – the official end to the working day and I […]


Skill Anniversaries

24 Nov , 2014  

I just completed 20 years of my professional life today. I worked in 4 different organisations to complete this milestone; except me nobody else will recognize this moment unlike in an organization setting where tenures are recognized with trophies and goodies. I am a touch uncomfortable wishing others on their work service anniversaries as much […]