When somebody calls you pretty face, how do you react?

14 Sep , 2017  

“You look very pretty Rita” exclaimed our prospective customer, embarrassed by his comment I hurriedly looked at my colleague, Rita grinned at me and told him, “My husband was the first to compliment on this today”, The guy almost froze to the spontaneous reaction, the stunned customer never said a thing till we walked off […]


Some of my bosses may ‘never’ recommend me!

4 May , 2017  

Most often our referees are our friends, past bosses who will swear by our name or people who are committed to us about a positive reference. So how can you be sure about the reference check of your next hire when this nexus is at work. Even the LinkedIn recommendations are a cozy club of […]


Grapevine – The best medium for organizational communication!

28 Sep , 2016  

You disagree? If your experience is anything like mine you might actually agree, I have got some of the most important information through rumours/grapevine/gossip, whichever name you might want to give it, whether it was a new structure coming into play, a senior executive joining, a major strategy announcement or if it was regarding some […]


Who is your favourite boss?

21 Sep , 2016  

Now how long did you take to come up with a name? If this is your first job, read no further. Oh! you come up with a name in no time? Did I hear you say that this is a question for which we all have answers instantaneously? I believe we are always ready to […]


Is it fashionable to blame our Predecessor?

17 Aug , 2016  

When you take on a new role do you hate your predecessor for what he left you? It was a day filled with euphoria and as I read our annual report, I was elated. There I was leading the winning team in a photograph that screamed of pride and success. I felt great! However, back […]


Time To Let Go Matrix Reporting?

27 Jul , 2016  

How many bosses do you have? If the clear answer is one, then you are a blessed soul! Some of you may think hard and say, “Oh sorry, I have a dotted line to ‘X’ too.” Dual reporting, matrix reporting or dotted line reporting as some organisations refer to it, have become an accepted form […]