Guns and Roses

6 Oct , 2015  

Last week I intently listened to the interview of a CEO of a Fortune 100 speaking on his company’s strategy to the press; what he said during the interview caught me by surprise. He professed that he was more than happy to attend the retirement parties of his executives who failed to execute the company’s […]


Which Do You Prefer: Emotional or Transactional Relationships At Work?

4 Aug , 2015  

“How’s the family doing?” asked my Boss? “Doing fine” I replied. We were meeting after a couple of months and it was his customary question which got my regular answer. He quickly moved on to business and we got busy with our strategy and execution side of work. I don’t think my boss ever knew […]


Are Super Bosses Really “Sooper”?

21 Jul , 2015  

As the name suggests, the boss’s boss (or better known as the super boss) is way “stronger” than your direct boss. Most times, super bosses have an enigmatic and powerful aura surrounding them. Call it a “misconstruction” of the reality you see, but the power that comes with the position of a “super boss” has […]


Why increments are never enough!

9 Jun , 2015  

Is it possible for organizations to give us the kind of increments you and I would love to receive?  Ironically, it always seems that others seem to get it?  Or is that we tend to play “victim” by believing that everyone else (except us!) gets the better deal all the time when it comes to […]


I know how to manage my Boss

26 May , 2015  

I thought I will write about Boss Management when I retire but couldn’t resist this for long; this is a day to day reality. After all the boss is the key to: Your hiring (irrespective of HR and other people interviewing U for formality) You staying (day to day sense of belonging, happiness or the […]


The Right Expression!

3 Mar , 2015  

One of my colleagues called me soon after her resignation was made public throughout the organization. “Kamal,” she said, “I heard you were unhappy over with my decision to leave the company. “Wouldn’t it be odd if I were to say that I was happy you were leaving?” I asked. Not surprisingly, she laughed out […]