20 Nov , 2014  

Are you the blue eyed boy/girl of your boss? If you are not, then somebody else is; Many times when you did not get that promotion which somebody else got, what did you tell yourself, Boss’s favorite got it! In every organisation I have worked in, people always talked about the boss’s blue eyed employee. […]


Finger on the trigger

22 Sep , 2014  

Independence Day last year was perfect for me. It came at a time when I was planning my yearly monsoon break to enjoy the greenery in Karnataka. As per my holiday routines, I switched off my Hand-Phone and was getting into the groove, call it premonition’, I felt like switching on my cell in the […]


Sooner or Later

19 Sep , 2014  

It was 930 AM in Sydney and no sight of one of my colleagues in a global meeting. My boss was obviously distracted as many of his global senior colleagues were present in this crucial summit. He called my colleague to find that he was still sleeping. My colleague eventually came at 10 AM. I […]


Bhoole Bisre Geet

22 May , 2014  

I attended a retro event recently to award some winners. There were over 300 people dressed up in their favorite Retro dress. The event had a retro impact on my mind, As the event unfolded, my mind took a nostalgic trip. I was trying to remember the favorite company I worked for or the best […]