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The CEO just Quit; send in your best Rumour

19 Dec , 2016  

“I’ll start off with a frequently “gossiped” matter – “Why do CEOs quit?” The common answer within the corporate circle to this question is almost always negative – CEOs quit because shareholders and the board “booted them out” due to poor performance or fall out due to strategy or personality misalignment with key board members. […]

Out of The Blue

We in Finance aren’t easy to deal with?

6 Dec , 2016  

Many of us in India have been standing in Queues for the last few weeks, it ‘must been a new experience for some of us to stand in front of ATMs to withdraw money, for the older lot who transacted in the pre-ATM days the bank Queues are not new.  As such we have stood […]

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YOUR Accessories speak when Work can’t!

16 Jun , 2015  

They say performance is everything and work is what makes you look good. While I’m able to relate to this philosophically, some of my experiences tell another story. Doesn’t style and what we wear also count in many situations including influencing colleagues, impressing customers, and getting noticed by the boss? Perhaps…but can this sort of […]

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Corporate Spies

23 Mar , 2015  

Would you relate to the word “corporate spying?” During lunches and especially at after office gatherings, we discuss this without using that term. Ever wondered how your boss gets the information about what happens on the ground from a remote distance? Accept it or deny it, corporate spying is as close to our minds as […]

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20 Nov , 2014  

Once upon a time, on a busy last Monday of the month, my Account Manager took an emergency leave. He told one of our colleagues that he had to visit his uncle who was on a short trip to Singapore from Dubai. To nail the point of how desperate his uncle was to meet him, […]

Out of The Blue

Managing Time or The Eleventh Hour ?

14 Oct , 2014  

Managing Time and meeting deadlines is not everybody’s cup of tea. At least that wasn’t me for the longest time I start packing an hour before I leave home for my flights. And I do this every single time I need to travel, Domestic or International. I can safely say it’s become second nature to […]