Travel To Work! Should we be paid for Commute?

Travel To Work! Should we be paid for Commute?

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The commute to work in large cities is getting longer. Should travel to work be considered as work hours or people be paid additional allowance for travel?


For some of us, this sounds bizarre, and for people who are traveling 3 hours a day to work, this might be feeling just right.  Recently a publication claimed 61% of employees surveyed wanted “Travel to Work” to be included as work hours. So, the majority of us are thinking in that direction. On the other hand, we also complain about not having enough jobs for freshers. Our productivity is still abysmally low. 

Are some of us who are lucky or skilled enough to have been meaningfully employed?

Am I wonder if we are stretching our luck by asking for “Travel to work” to be counted? Maybe!

Work from Home

As much as Work from Home has become a norm amongst knowledge workers, they represent only a tiny proportion of the workforce. Even amongst them, the majority still frequently travel to work.

 But, Travel to be counted as work? The complexity for Employers is only increasing 🙂

All of us know our large cities have become a nightmare to commute. Moreover, our productivity is diminishing directly with the distance we are traveling to work.

Travel Pay

Imagine if there is an additional allowance directly proportional to the distance we go to work. And none for work from home. What would you think would be the percentage of people traveling to work just to avail of the allowance?

Our country is just beginning to see the best of the employment market.  I am wondering if we are asking for too many perks already!

Maybe we should argue this as the best way forward?

Only Perks matter

Though some companies, which are cost centers and saving millions of dollars, can afford travel pay for now. Eventually, it may not be affordable even for them. First came the Travel assistance (Cabs, Buses which fetched and dropped from Home), then came the cafeterias so that you did not have to worry about food when it came to working. Then came the Gyms and recreations to ensure you never left the office. Creches for parents so that half the family came to work. 

Courses/executive education so that you did not have to worry about an upgrade. 

Now Travel-Pay is the latest addition to benefits if it comes into play.

What next? Attendance allowance?

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