Do you work next to your boss?

Do you work next to your boss?

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Do you work next to your boss & you feel liberated when s/he isn’t around?

On a Friday evening, I was at a #theatre for a late night movie & I bumped into my boss who was also there with his family. Next day, when he summoned for a review of my #sales activities I couldn’t call it a coincidence. It was my first managerial job and I started to envy all my peers who were posted outside the regional headquarters. That day I swore never to work again in the same location as my boss.

Fast forward a few years, I was heading a branch in another firm; the cricket world cup was on. I got the TV from my home and installed in the office hallway. One of those days our Director came to my office unannounced. Nervously, I looked out of the office to see my colleagues enjoying cricket, Even before I could react, she shook hands in appreciation & said “I like the way you engage the team” That day I wanted to tell the world that one shouldn’t miss working at the Headquarters.

Do you work in the same office or location as your boss? You work any differently when s/he is around? Is your work ethic equal/higher/low when they aren’t around? Does their absence cause longer lunch breaks, more water cooler discussions, late comings, early leavings?

Enjoy your #FreedomAtwork

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