Employer Vs Employee during the Pandemic

Employer Vs Employee during the Pandemic

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They say timing is everything and so is the context, Is it time to examine the employer vs. employee equation once again?

If you are an employee is this a good time to be unhappy with your employer for

1. Pressurizing you to do more?

2. Asking you to do a different role? Even if you did not like doing it or can’t do it?

3. Cutting your salary?

4. Laying off some of your colleagues

5. Not increasing your salary though you had a great year?

Let’s say you are the employer, You think it is justified now to

1. Blame your poor performers and put them on PIP

2. Ask your team to do a different role & expect them to be equally productive

3. Ask your employees to stretch even though they are in a new work atmosphere.

4. Do some layoffs as you built some flab during good times

5. Pressurize employees to come to the office even if they don’t feel safe about the exposure?

You think the above is silently being played out or rather openly? The unfortunate part is both are not sitting in front of each other and second-guessing via phone, zoom, WhatsApp!

Transparency and regular communication they say can eliminate some of these clouds in our Employee-Employer relationship.

However where you stand in this equation makes all the difference to how you think. In these challenging times, every act of the employer or manager while dealing with their employee or reportee needs to be thought through. Needless to say, both of them are in new territory and under scrutiny for different reasons.

It is an imperfect situation where the employer feels they are facing headwinds, and the employee feels undone by the new face of their employer!

Its once again Employer vs Employee, this time triggered by an invisible virus!

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