Ford Vs Ferrari

Ford Vs Ferrari

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Don’t expect Ford Vs Ferrari to be a “car racing” movie or for just race lovers.

Its another movie on Human spirit, corporate hypocrisy, and individual triumphs that are woven well together.

I hadn’t read the reviews. Hence I thought its another movie on the car racing.

The title, star cast of Matt Damon, Christian Bale, attracted me to the theatre on a weekday. Honestly, after watching it, I don’t regret the 3-hour sleep loss. The movie is a tad long at two and half 30 hours for a Hollywood movie. However, the one-liners, the build-up to the final race keeps you intrigued

I hadn’t read much about Ken Miles‘s achievements before the movie as events depicted in the film had transpired before I was born. Maybe that was one of the reasons Ford vs Ferrari was quite intriguing for me till the end.

I also enjoyed watching the depictions of Enzo Ferrari, Lee Iacocca, and Henry Ford II roles as I have read so much about them.

The failed attempt of Ford to buy Ferrari is seamlessly built into the script.

I have been a Jason Bourne fan, and hence, I like Matt Damon. But, this Christian Bale’s role is an author-backed one. He shines as the maverick driver and passionate mechanic.

All in all, Ford Vs Ferrari has elements related to life and work.

The disappointments of non-inclusions, corporate politics, leadership narcissism is depicted well.

The arrival of Ford in the racing world is an insightful part of the movie.

Oh! There Are also some racing moments for die-hard car lovers. But the movie isn’t about racing. It is about relationships, Human greed, and grit!

I did not Opt to watch it in 4DX to give you an honest review of the racing movements as I watched it in 2D. So, If you are a die-hard race fan, I would recommend a 4D or IMAX.

But, for what the movie wants to convey the 2D version does the trick

I recommend You watch it even if you don’t like cars and racing. Ford vs. Ferrari connects in most aspects, especially when you see the pics of the real people at the end!