Free Interns Needed!

Free Interns Needed!

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When you think of “Interns” what comes to your mind? Youngsters stepping out of academics to whom you want to give exposure or “free labor” for 2 months?

Unfortunately, the latter seems to be making more rounds.

Once an Intern stopped coming to work 3 days after she started. 2 things emerged when we asked the embarrassed team who were instrumental in bringing her on board.

First, she wasn’t offered any internship stipend, second, the first 3 days assignment/directions given to her made her feel it wouldn’t add value to her.

I am not sure we can blame her for not turning up, Poor girl, she couldn’t tell her boss that she wasn’t interested in continuing either.  She chose to go incommunicado and disappeared as she wasn’t sure how to manage this conundrum.

The larger question is who owns the interns? The

In the name of Interns are we exploiting the youngsters?

On one hand, we say we don’t get job-ready workforce from institutes clamour for exposure to

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