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When I walked to watch Kaithi, I just realised it’d been two months since I walked into a movie hall for a movie, Chhichhore was my last, and that was in September. The advent of Netflix, PrimeVideo, makes you feel that you are sort of in touch with the movie world. 

Encouraged by media and colleagues reviews of Kaithi, I ventured into PVR. I quite like Karthi’s choice of movies. I must have watched most of his films, Oopiri, Naan Mahaan Alla, Theeraan Adhigaaram Ondru, Siruthai, Komban are some of which I have enjoyed for different reasons.

Releasing along with Bigil requires courage. However, after watching the movie, I can understand why the distributors must have backed such a move. The film ticks most of the parts, especially the first half. I thought the movie raced itself till the interval and kept you engaged with anxiety as each scene unfolds. If you aren’t attentive enough, you might miss the James-Bond like one-liners mostly coming from the supporting cast.

Yes, Karthi plays a larger than life convict, and you can’t help watching him bash up 40 people with bare hands. However, one can forgive that having gone to watch a commercial movie. The Rambo like macho gun shoots in the climax deflates the film in the end.

Indeed, it’s engaging pacy and still gives you enough laughs in spite of it being a thriller. With all its predictability and the invincibility of the hero, it definitely makes for a decent watch. Oh yes, there is no heroine in the movie, and I did not feel the absence till the second half. The director has been sincere and honest to the script and doesn’t force it either.

I enjoyed most parts of the movie and heard myself laughing on the one-liners and some unique moments created by the scriptwriters.

Kaithi, in my view, is about 20 minutes longer than it should have been. But, it keeps you engaged for about 90% of the time. I still think I may want to go for its sequel whenever it comes next. Watch Kaithi for its thrilling first half and swallow the second which could have been less macho?