Learning & Development or Recognition

Learning & Development or Recognition

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I and him are going to Singapore for a leadership development program he said proudly.

you both lead your team successfully recently, instead, they should be sending the other two guys who haven’t done their targets, have high attrition and are struggling to produce a winning  team, I asked

But aise nahi hota hai, why are some of the premium learning and development programs or overseas courses reserved to people who have met their numbers. Because these are merely to recognise people or motivate those superstars.

So, why are the flagship programs limited to race horses? Because they are limited and for HR and leaders its easy to explain.

The developmental areas of aspiring leaders and these programs are never in sync.

few people get in the room and decide whom to send, the obvious names would be people who are performing and are catching your attention. It also makes it easy to explain to others who dont know the criteria of who should be going here.

I once sent a list of people

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