May 2017

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‘Fair’ Leaders Don’t Leave Great Memories!
Most leaders aspire to be fair or think they are fair to their team members,
organisations strive to have checks and balances to ensure favouritism
doesn’t get the better of leaders. One of the roles HR plays is to ensure
the policies and practices of organisations are…

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Don’t Be Lazy, Write Your Own CV
In a world of uncertainty, we don’t know when we will need our CVs to be
ready next. Yes, there is LinkedIn for the socially active ones, but how
many update it? The majority of LinkedIn profiles describe their tenure
with past employers with just designations. It’s an irony that we …

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Some Of My Bosses May ‘Never’ Recommend Me!
Most often our referees are our friends, past bosses who will swear by
our name or people who are committed to us about a positive reference.
So how can you be sure about the reference check of your next hire when
this nexus is at work. Even the LinkedIn recommendations …

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