Movies & Me

I believe I wouldn’t have lived this long without movies. My parents were movie buffs and they named me after the actor whom they adored. No, I am not that young, but Kamal Hassan is old, just that he doesn’t look old yet!

I believe my blogs would be incomplete if I don’t start writing about my pet past time; Movies, Cinema or Picture as we often call it in India. I always watch movies in theatres; I loathe watching them on DVDs. The experience of watching them in large screens has always been exciting for me. I have made new friends because of movies, some of the friendships sustained because we were movie buffs. Most of our sibling discussions are around movies. I watch movies in about 5 languages, so I am never short of the “to watch list”! Hollywood, Bollywood, Sandalwood, Kollywood & Tollywood movies are what I crave for! They dish out enough movies to keep me engaged. PVR, INOX, GSC, TGV are my favorites ‘Apps’ on Fridays.

Watching back to back movies in theatres is not new to me; recently I watched 3 movies in a single day. Movies still give me a high. The best part is I don’t need company to watch movies, I usually ask my friends or wifey to accompany me, but more than happy to watch alone!

Good times or bad days, movies are a celebration or a de-stressor, as applicable. Bad marks in class, bad day at office, girlfriend ditching me, boss yelling at me, crappy increments, and promotions being passed over….. movies have restored the sanity in me.

There are over 100 movies which are my favorites. I am choosing a few to start with without any particular order. This is one section in my blog which will always stay updated.