Holidays are special to everyone, I am no different, just that my first preference for a place to visit would be my village AIRODY. It has a strange connection to me beyond it appearing in my initials as A; No I wasn’t born here, my dad preferred to tag ‘A’ for Airody in my naming process for some reason.

I lived with my dad’s family till 1989 in Airody & I completed my schooling here; it was a memorable journey in that house as 24 of us lived under the same roof. Maybe it’s more a sentimental connection which makes me go to Airody frequently for my holidays. But beyond that Airody has few things going for itself which should make it a good place for anyone to enjoy its surroundings.

Airody village is in the beautiful coastal belt of Karnataka in Udupi district. It is 17 Kilometres away from Udupi to Mumbai on NH 17. It’s got a nice river bridge entry, Sitanadi (Sita River) river flows across Airody; if one walks about half a kilometre across the river bridge from my village the calm Arabian Sea awaits you.

I call the beach ‘calm’ as it’s clean and also difficult to find it crowded during any time of the year. Off course the village itself is sparsely populated as the last few generations have migrated to cities in search of jobs and settled there. So if you are looking for a calm holiday near the beach Airody is the place to go.

No I can’t organise stay for you as this place is not commercialised like Coorg. So one needs to stay in a hotel and there are very few options nearby. The best options are about 17 Kilometres away 🙂 in Udupi and Kundapur.

I have a place to stay, can’t offer you the same :)

I have a place to stay, can’t offer you the same 🙂

The best time to go to this place is in the winters (November to January) as it get very hot and sultry during the remaining part of the year. However I like to go during monsoons as this place gets heavy rainfalls from June to August and the sound of non-stop rain combined with lush green paddy fields give me a high. During Monsoons not too far away from Airody is a place called Agumbe, where white water rafting in Sita river is an attraction, during summers there are water sport attractions in Murudeshwar which is about an hour or so away, you can enjoy parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing in a crowded beach 🙂

Airody is right in middle of the temple ecosystem as divine places like Dharmasthala, Kollur, Udupi, Sringeri are all in the vicinity 2 hour journey. So depending on your orientation Airody can be a melange of adventure sports and pilgrimage. For me Airody is a place for a calm beach walk to get nostalgic and the best holiday spot in the world.


Sita Nadi


Airody Beach