My definition of holiday is to stay at one place and do nothing. But many a-times, I’m pushed into travelling for holidays. The 15-days in Australia stands as one of the best overseas holidays in my memory. Getting up early every day, frequently reading route maps to catch a bus, train, cab, and flight – one after the other was hectic. But in retrospect, it left a lasting memory on us and till today, we keep we keep talking about the experience.

For me, what stood out in down under was the Melbourne Ocean drive. Trust me when I say that it’s difficult to believe that such a picturesque location still exist – it was scenic and every stop looked different though it was the same stretch. We took the entire day to cover the stretch but my girls and I felt it was over in no time!

The cricket fan in me believes our best moment was visiting Bowral in Bradman’s village which is en route to Canberra from Sydney. I had goose bumps when I stood in Bradman Oval, the place where Bradman played his cricket while he was growing up and where his ashes were scattered. It’s worth half a day to visit and complete the museum which displays some of the finest history in cricket.

Canberra gave us the experience of the Parliament House. It was empty so we got to click ourselves. It’s a quiet city and was sufficient for a nice couple of days to rest and travel around at ease. There were Indian restaurants which made my life easier.

I was told that visiting Sydney and not visiting the Bondi beach was not on hence we did that too. It was the first cold beach I visited as I’m used to the warm sultry beaches at home – we struggled to spend time in the water as it was chilly. We did the koalas and the kangaroos too much to the delight of our daughter, Varna.

I still need to complete my Down Under trip as we are yet visit Brisbane which I think both my girls will enjoy!