Necessary Endings

Necessary Endings

560 560 Kamal Karanth

Dave Ramsey, the New York bestselling author of “The Total Money Makeover” had this to say about “Necessary Endings” – “If you’re hesitant to pull the trigger when things obviously aren’t working out, Henry Cloud’s “Necessary Endings” may be the most important book you read all year.” This was more than enough for me to go out and get this book, pronto!

I believe you will agree with me when I say that in both our personal and professional lives, there are times when reality dictates that we must stand up and “end” something. Continuing it would be destructive to us or to the people that matter to us, in some way. Nevertheless, even with clear evidences, we find it difficult to pull the trigger. Am I right?

Let me give you some examples of these negative instances: –

• End a relationship that is toxic.
• Terminate the services of an employee who is a destructive marginal talent.
Leave a job or a career that you know makes you unhappy
• End a marriage damaged by repeated unfaithfulness.

Why is that? Why are we unable to put to an end some endings which are necessary? I strongly advise you to get a hold of this book to enable you to take stock of areas of your life that may need some trimming and face the fears that are getting in your way – personally and professionally.