On your last day at work, what are your emotions?

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On your last day at work, what are your emotions like? Relieved/Heavy? There she was ‘dressed up’ like never before and full of energy. I should say I had never seen her so happy before. I asked her what the occasion was, “today is my last day here” she replied. I couldn’t hold myself and asked, “seems like you are so happy to leave us, are we so bad? Does our last day emotion depend on ‘why’ we are leaving or our ‘next’ destination? I reckon its a combination of both. If we are leaving a place which was a nightmare I am sure its a huge hashtagrelief. It sure calls for a celebration. But, an additional factor can also be about the excitement of our new role, employer or salary. It goes without saying that we join every job with the hope that its a step up to our career. That compensates for any sadness of leaving the previous job. Send-offs today are more a celebration than teary-eyed farewells that they once were. Maybe becoz leaving nowadays is common & hence whatever emotional quotient attached might have lost its relevance. The friendly colleagues are not missed due to Whatsapp, FB or instagram. The friends at work are happy that you got something better and they can talk/meet you more freely. The happiness of your foes needs no explanation 🙂

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