Only we deserve every new role and promotion?

800 371 Kamal Karanth

When my boss announced my peer’s posting at Hq as the new Product Head I was dumbstruck. Though he was my best friend I did not like the ‘news’. Every time a promotion or an external hire for a new role is announced whats your typical reaction? I always felt surprised or shocked if that announcement wasn’t me 🙂 Some of the organizations broadcast new roles and call for internal applicants, assess them, interview and painstakingly give feedback to people whom they think aren’t ready yet. Many Employers still do internal ‘black box’ consultations and announce their new appointee. Sometimes, we get to know from the market that an external search is on. I worked in both kinds of employers and benefitted from both processes. However, when I used to get promoted without a transparent announcement of the role or a formal assessment process I ‘felt’ my peers looked at me with suspicion. It made me feel as though the bosses favored me. But, the self-righteousness in me eventually used to lead to euphoria. No doubt that for every role/promotion, there are always multiple deserving candidates. But, in our ‘diary’ only we deserve every new role and promotion? Btw, that ex-colleague is today based overseas and heads a billion dollar biz of a pharma MNC.

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