Performance Vs Behaviour

Performance Vs Behaviour

800 371 Kamal Karanth

Are performance and bad #behaviours two sides of the same coin? Otherwise how else do you explain the behaviours of most top performers in organisations too? Should we say, its pure jealousy of the lesser mortals due to the adulation around the top performers?

Carefully look at your colleagues who are superstars in terms of their performance. The best design engineers, sales toppers, doctors with maximum patients or anybody whom your employers label as #superstars. Besides the confidence arising out of their current success, there are a few more striking things that are invariably noticeable.

i. ‘I know everything’ attitude, poor listening skills
ii. Scant respect to systems and processes. Will always be last to submit reports. Furthermore, they are quite likely to be late or don’t show up to calls.
iii. Poor interpersonal skills with peers. You will find them mostly in bosses cabins.
iv. Name dropping. Their access to leaders gives them privileged information and they tend to show it.

You can’t help but notice top performers violating basic professional conduct irrespective of the roles, kind of organisations they work for. Dhoni is my favourite player 🙂

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