Pets- Are you Boss’s Favourite?

150 150 Kamal Karanth

Are you the blue-eyed boy/girl of your boss? If you are not, then somebody else is. When you did not get that promotion which somebody else got, what did you tell yourself? Boss’s favourite got it?

Let’s call the favourites as pets for next 2 minutes?

In every organisation I have worked in, people always talked about the boss’s blue-eyed colleague. I too have had similar vibes about some of the relationships and interactions I’ve had with colleagues and subordinates. What is interesting is that people involved in these nexuses (connections) almost always do not realize this unless and until somebody points it out to them. Well, it’s similar to being in love – it’s not uncommon for love birds to be oblivious to the world when they are indulging in the company of their exclusive one!

Pets at Home

Why does this happen in the “world-of-work” when relationships are supposed to be strictly professional? Well, we can use a cacophony of words to describe what’s not “strictly professional” – “chemistry”; “wave-length”; “attraction”, etc. based on how we want to view these relationships. And I don’t think logic matters when it comes to such relationships – personal or professional. These are more about the kind of impressions we leave when we talk about people whom we like, appreciate more. We go to lunch with frequently with few and our eyes pop-up when we greet them. Furthermore, the sheer energy that we show while talking about our “pets” is not missed by others. For example, we threw a birthday party for my youngest girl when she turned 5 years old. Our my elder daughter commented that the youngest is surely our favourite as her (the eldest) birthday affair merely warranted a quiet dinner.

What my elder daughter “conveniently” forgot was that she personally requested for a low-key affair this year.  My wife reminded her of the large party we threw for her when she turned five in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago. Convenience 🙂

Difficulty of Pets

As much as it is difficult for colleagues to accept the boss’s pet; it is equally cumbersome being the pet. I say this because, for a fair amount of time, I was seen as my sales head’s favourite. This title got bestowed on me because he would have no qualms talking about my work to other colleagues during his travels.  I would receive a barrage of “pings” from colleagues turned friends who told me about these public appreciations. To be honest, I was surprised, as my sales head used to batter me on a daily basis about unfinished tasks and never praised me in person.

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