Money Ball

When I finished watching Moneyball for the first time, I was pretty sure I wanted to watch it again with my colleagues. First time what struck me was the importance of data and analytics in sports which we ignore so much in our decision making today. Most decisions today are intuition based. But when I watched it with my colleagues, I felt it had a lot of inputs on team building. The third time I watched it with my leadership team, I felt it had so much to offer around Organisation culture. I am sure the director wanted to portray the real story in a dramatized manner and was extremely successful in that. The influence of the movie was so high that I started to connect Moneyball from analytics to team culture in no time. I made all my friends and family watch this. After I felt I have not done enough payback to the movie, I purchased the Moneyball DVD. Though Brad Pitt has made it look great, I could think of dozen actors who would have equally been brilliant in this author-backed role.