Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Steven Speilberg is a combination which will draw anybody to the theatre. But, this doesn’t feel Spielberg like. Set in the 1970s this hurriedly made movie (wanted to convey something to Trump?) has its highs, especially when Meryl Streep is onscreen. Yes, she has an author-backed role and essays it at her best. Tom Hanks has a terrific role where he is supposed to underplay ( I presume) the role of an editor. The Feminist message in the end as Streep walks off the court makes you smile. It’s not a gripping drama but has enough in it to grin and smile as the movie plays out. But, I feel I could have waited for it to premiere on Netflix. Speilberg’s movies were always meant to watch on big screens, this one could be seen on our phones too 🙂