Premaloka came to my life in my teens. Like most Bangaloreans, I took a distinct liking to this movie as it was refreshingly musical. Yes, it had Juhi Chawla in all the peppy songs; it had some of the big stars in short roles (Vishnuwardhan, Ambarish, Tiger Prabhakar, and Srinath to name a few). But the winner was the music. Yes! Ravichandran had pictured these songs with some great imagination and set new benchmarks. It’s a pity that he could not reproduce this creativity with any of his subsequent movies. I watched many of his movies with the hope that there would be one more Premaloka like experience, but Premaloka for me has been frozen in time. No other Kannada movie made a mark on me subsequently. Maybe I need to thaw myself from Premaloka.