The Trillion Dollar Coach

Who doesn’t know Bill Campbell! However, many books about high achievers have been damp squibs purely because of bad narration. Not this one, It gives some insights of how Apple, Intuit, and Google work internally. There aren’t too many aha moments, but the book remains sincere and sticks to what Bill did. Many things that are said are essential, but we ignore it all the time. Hence, the obvious still makes sense. the authors have highlighted the five primary themes around which Jim coached people

Under these five themes, authors weave their perspectives around how Jim coached people. The most critical takeaway not surprisingly is that it is all about people. They also highlight that more the emotional support you provide to people, the better the organization dynamics become. People operate better when they have psychological safety in the organizational context. For a company like Google or Apple, I thought intellectual capital was crucial. The emphasis on people, their well being family support based coaching was a great eye opener for me.