Spilling the Beans before Quitting!

Spilling the Beans before Quitting!

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When you last decided to quit your job, who did you think of informing first at your organisation?  The obvious answer should be your supervisor. But is it anymore?

In some instances, would you have told your reportees and peers first? Isn’t that the new trend when we quit nowadays ?.

We can argue that it may not be the right thing to do. Yes, The reporting boss technically should be the first to know on such sensitive matters. Off late, haven’t we all been spending more time with our reportees, peers?

We also are socially bonding with many of them and we have even met up with their families, visited their homes, and now a special relationship has got built. Would it be awkward to look into their eye if you tell the boss first? Or even worse would be to wait for the formal announcement on quitting to come! Yes, it also depends on your relationship with your boss. It goes without saying that if the equation with the supervisor is much deeper, then the dilemma is lesser.

In the last decade or so whenever my boss used to inform us about our peers quitting, we used to be shell-shocked. Indeed, there must have been times where you have gone chided your peers that you felt let down! Present-day, we either already know about the news as many of our peers are closer to us, or the shock is non-existent due to the frequency of exits! I have resigned four times before. Thrice it was boss who got to know first & once I had to inform my trusted team before I picked up the phone to call my boss 🙂

In recent times whenever the boss calls for a Monday morning breaking news in the first week of the month, it’s difficult to contain the expression and say “oh really, she quit? what a shame”!

Sometimes when I feel sadistic. I want to say, “tell me something that I don’t know.”

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