Reporting To A Peer? I Rather Resign!

Reporting To A Peer? I Rather Resign!

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Reporting To A Peer? I Rather Resign!

5 OCT , 2016
I know the title is a giveaway, but I will still try 🙂

When was the last time you sulked at work? Sad increment, overlooked for promotion, favorite boss leaving, pet hate getting a dream job with a competitor? But I am sure the one that always makes you feel the word “Sulk” is when your peer becomes your boss. I think in a long career journey we have to go through this either by being on the receiving end as a reportee or the lucky one as a boss, if the karma of life has to be completed, both can happen to you. Now I am sure to see some comments which will say grow up, what’s the harm of reporting to our peer, there is something to learn from everybody and things like that. I care less about the professional correctness of working with our peer, I am dwelling on the feelings we go through; the reactions that we tend to display when we have this change in our life.

I remember when the first time I became a manager, I was trained for about a week in a classroom; role plays and assessments were organized by some of the finest trainers in the industry. I had the profiles of the people who would be reporting into me, the dynamics that could emerge when we work together was discussed too. In a nutshell you can say, I was trained well enough to start as a manager. But the practical situation was a touch different. Out of my 6 reportees, one was my senior and 2 were my peers, means we did some of our trainings, outings, drinks together, 3 of them were campus recruits so I guess they were new to this game, those days most of us used to call the manager “sir”. So here we had this situation where 3 of them called me sir’ and remaining by my name. I guess that was the starting of our “storming” relationship, team meetings used to be battleground of wits, we all indulged in reasonable posturing, me as the boss, my 2 ex-peers ‘used to’ act difficult, my senior was oblivious to any of these cheap thrills and the 3 freshers were having all the fun at our cost. All I can remember is that nothing that we were ashamed of happened then, two decades later all of us are still in touch even though it is just at a Facebook level!

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