The Art of Thinking Clearly

The Art of Thinking Clearly

560 560 Kamal Karanth

The Art of Thinking Clearly is an all-time favorite book of mine and something I keep reading every two years.

The Art of Thinking Clearly explains 99 cognitive errors all of us make and asks if there is a different way to approach it. Two things which stand out for me in this book

  1. The confirmation bias is the mother of all misconceptions. It is the tendency to interpret new information so that it becomes compatible with our existing theories, beliefs, and convictions. In other words, we filter out any further information that contradicts our current views.
  2. Thinking is in itself not pure but prone to error. This affects everyone. Even highly intelligent people fall into the same cognitive traps. Likewise, errors are not randomly distributed. We systematically err in the same direction. That makes our mistakes predictable, and this fixable to a degree—but only to a degree, never completely.”

For me, this is a great refresher, and a guide can keep reading it