HR transition story: One HR head to another!

HR transition story: One HR head to another!

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When we are transitioning from an organisation if our successor asks for feedback, should we be honest? This is a transition story of one Head of HR to another. 


Within 2 months of joining the New Head of HR is on the lookout. He calls his predecessor.

New HR: “You could have warned me about the culture of this place when we spoke during your notice period.”

Old HR: If I am leaving within 6 months of joining, doesn’t that make it obvious that something is not right.”

New HR: “You said you are starting something of your own when I asked where are you up to next and avoided my question on why you were leaving.”

Old HR: Yes, I have started on my own firm as I couldn’t take the toxicity any longer. You asked me why I was leaving but did not ask me if it was a great place to work. When I asked you why are joining, you said you had stagnated in a large firm and wanted to start fresh in a startup. So I thought your aspiration was to become a Head of HR which was being fulfilled.”

Unsolicited Advice

Do you think the predecessor could have been a little more candid than giving the happy exit anthem which we all give? Or we are all conditioned to only answer the question even if it means others careers could be at stake? Or what we think as a toxic place could be a great place for others? After all, each one of us is wired differently?

Some of us hesitate to give unsolicited advice that hasn’t been asked for.

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