Why Conferences are Boring!

Why Conferences are Boring!

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What’s the most engaging part when you go to any conferences and listen to speakers? Did you say your smartphone? I don’t blame you as listening to panelists in many conferences makes us cringe, especially when you observe these clichés!

1) “We are between you and lunch/drinks.”

2) Its post-lunch session and we have to keep you awake. As though every day at work, we all take a nap after!

3) The panelist’s lengthy career introductions which are already there on the agenda. Certainly, The audience wouldn’t be there if they did not know who is speaking? Yeah, some of us may not know their credentials, (But, what are we doing there anyway?).

4) The moderator from time to time saying “that was a great insight” 🤫. Moreover, for an example about Uber or Airbnb which is already there in public domain

5) The eternally agreeing panel (the shake of heads in agreement with each other). I am imagining if they all keep disagreeing how entertaining it might be😇

6) The sales pitch about their own organisations. Yes, few of them would have got speaking slots after sponsoring some part of the event

7) Speakers not turning up at the last minute (what a bad press for their organisation). However, there is always some good Samaritan filling up the slot🙋‍♂️

8) On day 2, when the hall is still empty, and the organiser says, let’s wait for participants to turn up.

9) Panelists who come just in time for their talk and have no interest in talking to the audience. Whereas, Some people would have possibly come there to network with them as well. As panelists, few of us think that that people come to listen to us (let’s get real, there are far more mesmerising content on YouTube)

Being on panels and moderating a few myself, I must have bored people to death. My apologies! Anything I missed up there?

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