Corona Virus & Work From Home

Corona Virus might bring in a new era to work from home and bring in a new dignity to the term 'Work From Home'. Might we come out better trained on WFH?

Corona Virus & Work From Home

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Ever Wondered why Work From Home never really took off in India despite

1.     Expensive real estate in big cities

2.     Poor public transport systems

3.     Long commutes

4.     Clogged traffic

5.     Increased connectivity

Even the IT Industry that pioneered WFH with influence and learnings from western countries also struggled to make this Work?

Is it mostly a mindset issue of managers and organisations?

Yes and No? Some of us have worked for ages with a routine of people around us, and that has meant


Hence, we stopped trusting anything absent?

Some of us have experienced a small % of our colleagues treating Work From Home like a quasi-leave. The murmur was attending to emails, and calls were the only ones done in the name of Work. We safely assumed nothing else happened.

We have also seen some of our friends/colleagues taking WFH on Fridays and Mondays, increasing our suspicion on their motives. May we have attributed them as long weekends in disguise?

It might be only about a small percentage of people who would have misused the benefits of Work from home. But the impression of it being a misused perk has been an open secret. It is sad as if used with the right intent Work from home would enhance and diversify our working pool talent. Many of our women colleagues who are naturally taking up the role of caregivers are unwillingly taking career breaks as enterprises haven’t wholeheartedly taken up Work From Home as a viable option.

Ever wondered what the current forced WFH by Covid19 is going to do to some of us caught in the new reality? Might we come out better informed/trained on WFH? For sure, we will appreciate the challenges of working and managing Work from Home!

It’s entirely possible that many managers and enterprises, in turn, would be more educated and trained on how to manage remote workers. Could this eventually lead to losing lesser workers to family needs?

Corona Virus might bring in a new era to work from home and bring in a new dignity to the term WFH.

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