Workplace Dynamics and Me


To be honest, I never imagined that #workplacedynamics would last 5 years. When I started writing, the enthusiast in me thought I would have a million people logging into my blog every day waiting for my new posts. The cynic in me said I might run out of topics soon and there won’t be anything to write after a year.

But, here I am 5 years and still writing every week. Naturally, I have expanded and now write more short posts and more recently started webinars and vlogs. The #workplacedynamics space has motivated me to reinvent and discover new media to express. To be honest, I wrote more on LinkedIn in the last 3 years and enjoyed the praise and swallowed the brickbats.

Writing in this space got me to write columns for Prestigious publications like Hindu Business Line, Times of India, I am hoping one day I shall write for HBR too.

I wish my dad is alive to read what’s getting published. I would have loved him to critique it as he set the foundation to write in English during my formation years. If I didn’t read The Hindu, he ensured my day did not end!

I am grateful to 5 people in particular who inspired, supported, and gave me the bandwidth to write. Vinitha, she was the first who insisted that I start writing, Susan my EA who put out the first few pieces I wrote, Niranjan who diligently worked to create the website and of course Sashi, the creative brain behind the look and feel of the first version; she also helped edit a massive number of blogs which I had piled up. Prasadh who was always there for the quick technical help throughout this journey.

My entrepreneurial journey over the last 3 years has helped me too to discover new facets of work and life. I don’t know if I have become a better writer. However, I am sure that I enjoy expressing myself more holistically than before.

My girls at home still make me count the hours that have gone into this and how that time would have helped my relationship at home. On that front, I will continue to feel guilty.

I have to thank all my ex-colleagues and friends who continue to inspire me with their experiences and stories. I don’t have to imagine for any of my writings; I just need to close my eyes and think of a particular tenure and #workplacedynamics stories start to emerge.

Thank you for reading so far and for inspiring me!

I shall continue with a pinch of salt!

Kamal Karanth