What is leg cancer

4 Sep 2012 In rare cases, however, a leg lump can be the presenting sign of an aggressive cancer called a soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Although uncommon 29 Aug 2014 Leg pain is a general symptom with a wide range of causes, many of which, such as injury, may be obvious. However, hiding behind a case of

WebMD discusses tumors and cancers that affect the bones and how they are Giant cell tumor is a benign tumor, typically affecting the leg (malignant types of

Because of this risk, radiation treatment for cancer is now planned to ensure that the . It Is Written evangelist Henry Feyerabend died from sarcoma in his leg Bone tumors start in the skeleton, such as leg bones, ribs or arm bones. Benign tumors are not cancer and do not spread from their original (primary) location While cancer is rare in teens, some types are more likely to affect young people. pain and swelling in an arm or leg that is sometimes accompanied by a lump

When a Leg Lump Means Cancer: Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patrick

If the cancer is in an arm or leg, it is often possible to remove it with 39limb-sparing39 surgery. This means surgery where just the affected part is removed, and is 2 Sep 2014 A young cancer victim took the brave but life-saving decision to amputate her leg below the knee after doctors warned the disease could spread

The first sign of a sarcoma in an arm, leg, or torso may be a painless lump or the body, the tumor can often easily push normal tissue out of its way as it grows 28 Jun 2013 The bone is removed along with a surrounding area of healthy tissue. If the cancer is in a bone in an arm or leg this type of surgery is called