Who can carry chicken pox

My daughter has chickenpox, which I had when I was young. The answer is no: if you have had chickenpox yourself when young, you will have been carrying Chickenpox begins with a fever, followed in a day or two by a rash that can be very itchy. The rash starts with red spots that soon turn into fluid-filled blisters

Nov 16, 2011 Chickenpox parties have been held to increase a child39s chance of getting chickenpox while he or she is still young. Chickenpox can be

But as adults, we can carry the herpes virus that causes chickenpox in our bodies . Sometimes, if we become a bit run-down, the virus will be triggered, and we39ll Chicken pox can be contagious before symptoms even appear, and as a child doesn39t mean that the only way you could possibly transmit the Chickenpox And Shingles. Chickenpox is an acute, infectious has had chickenpox previously, can also cause cannot carry it to other people providing you

Am I infectious after contact with chickenpox

Chickenpox can be spread indirectly by touching contaminated items freshly A person is most able to transmit chickenpox from one to two days before the rash There is no specific treatment for chickenpox, but there are pharmacy remedies that can alleviate symptoms. These include paracetamol to relieve fever, and

Jun 4, 2013 Call your GP, on some very rare cases you can get chicken pox twice. . to see them for a week or two incase they were carrying chickenpox, Chickenpox is a common infection caused by the varicella zoster virus. It39s most commonly seen in children under 10, but you can catch it at any age. Once you