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12 Oct 2013 According to new research, vitamin K2, particularly menaquinone-7 (MK-7), symptoms suddenly occur long after irreversible damage is done Doctors in Germany conducted a study examining the relationships between dietary intake of vitamin K1 and K2 on the development of prostate cancer in

21 Jun 2013 Low vitamin K1 levels may increases in the progression of arterial calcification, or hardening of the arteries, says a new study that may have

On this page, we present an understanding of the research that has been done on vitamin K and cardiac health. Cardiovascular disease affects millions of Lately, researchers have demonstrated that vitamin K is also involved in building bone. Low levels of circulating vitamin K have been linked with low bone Research also showed that vitamin K2, but not K1 in combination with calcium and vitamin D can decrease bone turnover. Moreover, a study performed by

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30 Mar 2010 Consuming foods rich in vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of cancer, says a new study supporting the potential anti-cancer benefits of this 7 Mar 2009 Vitamin K is fat-soluble, so low-fat animal foods contain less of it. prevention reversal of arterial calcification in rats were done with MK-4

Knowledge of the relative bioavailability of multiple vitamin K forms was also of different molecular forms of vitamin K. Another area for future research stems Yet, observational studies have failed to isolate vitamin K intakes from overall .. placebo-controlled intervention studies conducted in young girls (58, 59) and