Allergies to indigo

Very few people, if any, will experience allergy symptoms from pure henna, pure indigo, and pure cassia obovata but it39s best to test and to be safe. First time 18 May 2011 I have used indigo several times before and no problem at all, but now I am reading that it can be a cumulative allergy like PPD. I39m hoping

Henna for Hair Black Kit Henna and indigo to dye your hair black Henna and indigo are generally considered safe for people who are allergic to chemical hair

17 Jun 2012 Once you develop allergy on indigo it is there. I tried to dye just a patch of my hair after a year and allergy was still there. However, I hated my 13 Apr 2010 Just talked to a girlfriend who just found out she39s had an allergic reaction process (henna application followed by indigo paste application) I looooved the lookfeel of indigo w henna on my hair. I know allergies tend to worsen though. Should I try again keeping that area vigilantly

Test first - Renaissance Henna

Indigo and Henna are both plants that have a natural dye in their leaves. have para-phenylenediamine and people may people progressively more allergic to If you are considering using henna and indigo herbal hair colours please do read Strangely, paraphenylene diamene (PPD) which is leading allergy trigger

24 Jul 2010 Blue jean dyes, indigo dye, contact dermatitis, ezcema, clothes causing and clothing causing rashes, dermatitis, eczema and skin allergies The trouble is an allergic reaction to hair dye can occur even if you have used the . I used this technique because I developed mild allergy on indigo which only