Public library strategies and plans

The road map guiding the future of The Indianapolis Public Library is now available following the public unveiling of the Library39s new five-year Strategic Plan, Help create the library39s vision with our new Strategic Plan

23 Feb 2011 together in partnership. Purpose of this Strategic Plan. Libraries are on the cusp of a great transformation. or a slow sail into the sunset

11 Jan 2013 Brooklyn Public Library. 7. CREATING ThE. STRATEGIC pLAN. This document is the outcome of a highly collaborative process that began over In summer 2014, we presented Chicago Public Library 2015-2017 Strategy. While CPL39s timeless mission will remain unchanged, we also In May 2012, at the annual meeting of the Boston Public Library39s Board of Trustees, a version of the strategic plan was published that includes the principles for

Strategic Plan The Indianapolis Public Library

President Linda Johnson Rice 5. Executive Summary 6. Overview of the Strategic . Planning Process 10. Overview of Strategic Vision 11. Access for All 12 Since 1896, Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), in accordance with its mission, has provided the people of Brooklyn with free and open access to information for

To print this document, we recommend you download the PDF version of PLA39s Strategic Plan (12 pgs). Approved by the PLA Board of Directors June 2014 A video about how VPL39s strategic plan for 2013-2015 re-envisions the library to meet 21st century needs and contributes to an informed, engaged and