I disliked writing for a large part of my childhood. I recall my father scolding me for my bad handwriting. My teachers loathed it too. I was glad that I passed my degree with good grades in spite of my poor handwriting. Thankfully, my oratory skill is far better than my writing skills!

From the time I was introduced to the internet, I have been provoked to improve my writing skills since now no one can complain about my handwriting, at least! But my own complex about writing, call it baggage of my childhood, has not allowed me to write as much as I would have preferred, till now. Having worked in 6 different countries, the work experiences have been diverse enough to goad me to pen my thoughts on paper. For a long period of time, I have been a salesman and have been forced to listen to my customers. Having worked in 4 different companies with 9 different bosses and hundreds of colleagues and having been in leadership roles for almost 2 decades has ensured that I had to listen to my team to survive and succeed. To say the least, I literally have thousands of tales to spin!

After 2 decades of working hard, I have decided to write about the “dynamics of work places”. The occupational hazard of being in the consulting industry for a long time has advantaged me to see the organisations that I worked and consulted for from close quarters. We spend so much time of our waking time at the work place. We possibly spend equal time out of our work place thinking or talking about it to people who are close to us. In fact, it would not be too far-fetched to say that our weekends, holidays, time with friends, partners, families, time on social media etc. are consumed by happenings at the work place. Yes, we can’t help but keep thinking or discussing about the office and our office mates!

It is precisely this reason that provokes me to wander through my take on various aspects which constitute “work”, such as appraisals, promotions, increments, bonuses, job hopping, interviews, bosses, loyalists, back-biters, quitters, terminations, IJPs, office grapevine, work-culture, training, resumes, tailgating, rehiring, the role of HR, role of functions, recruitment, on-boarding, reprimands, late comings, working from home, office affairs, favouritism, groups, discrimination, diversity, dressing up, work-life balance, feedback, employee surveys, value systems, rewards and recognition, awards….and anything else that strikes my mind.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my take and have the discretion to take my opinions with a pinch of salt ?

The views expressed through my blog are personal and was penned with an intention to place my thoughts in writing and to connect with you – my readers. If you find some part of my thoughts to be offensive, I strongly urge you to take them with a pinch of salt or at times with a sea of salt ?