I know how to manage my Boss

26 May , 2015  

I thought I will write about Boss Management when I retire but couldn’t resist this for long; this is a day to day reality. After all the boss is the key to: Your hiring (irrespective of HR and other people interviewing U for formality) You staying (day to day sense of belonging, happiness or the […]


Returning to Former Employers : You must be Desperate!

19 May , 2015  

Saying ‘yes’ to returning to a previous employer, is to me a difficult proposition. If my last memory of the workplace was one filled with positivity, will I be able to recreate the good memories of days bygone? And if I left feeling frustrated, would I be able to start on a “clean state” and […]



11 May , 2015  

Most organizations announce employee Awards as part of its recognition system along with other systems of reward.  Many a times these “awards” become far more a distraction than intending to motivate. In the work world, the awards that get dished out most often evoke mixed reactions which bring me to the question – how objective are organizational “awards”? I believe most of them have a […]



4 May , 2015  

The power of the “inbox” should never be taken for granted. The deluge of emails we receive every day from bosses, peers, team members, customers, vendors, and not discounting a host of others from websites we subscribe (and spam!) influence our line of thoughts, even derailing our focus plans.  This is inescapable in the work […]