Can you get off the Corporate Treadmill ?

23 Sep , 2015  

I was on cloud nine to be amongst the top 17 sales people out of 250 in the country at the company’s Annual Awards event. The euphoria, unfortunately, lasted barely a week when my manager arrived and snatched my short-lived happiness after reviewing the number of daily customer visits I was making. While I had an […]


Does HR “DEAL” with People?

1 Sep , 2015  

“Why do you want to study HR?” I asked a bunch of enthusiastic MBA students last week. Most of them said they liked dealing with people; no brainer right? Nine out of ten others elsewhere would probably give the same answer. I’m inclined to think otherwise; if you like dealing with people, you’re better off in sales as there’s where actual one-on-one interaction happens. I might be a […]